Please recommend a good economics book?
2009-06-15 06:05:23 UTC
I have recently read the amazing book "globalization and its discontents". I advice you to read it btw. I am looking for other good economic books. I am interested in Macro topics rather than Micro ones.
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2009-06-15 07:52:50 UTC
The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times And Ideas Of The Great Economic Thinkers
2009-06-15 06:37:53 UTC
I have three for you:

1) The Undercover Economist, by Tim Harford

2) Freakonomics, by Levitt and Dubner

3) The Economic Naturalist, by Robert Frank

Of the three above, The Undercover Economist is the most broad using rational, real life, and current examples to explain modern macroeconomic concepts. The most entertaining to read is Freakonomics which uses economics and quantitative measures to explain events of recent years and comes up with some very surprising, previously unthought of, answers. The Economic Naturalist explores various social/economic questions that pop up on ordinary people's heads and provides economic answers for these questions.

Also, you may want to try Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics. An excellent synopsis, but a little too doctrinaire for my tastes.
2009-06-15 06:37:08 UTC
I don't actually recommend anyone try to understand Economics without a good grounding in Logic and Philosophy.

Economics is all about how systems work to achieve particular objectives, and because it is trying to predict and influence the Future, it has to make assumptions. Logic will help you see when those assumptions are questionable if not totally laughable.

Philosophy matters, too. Any Economic system will have "winners and losers" by somebody's standard. You have to be clear on your own philosophy to be prepared to justify the results your favored system will produce. In other words, if a Free Market system includes the potential for Poverty, you have to decide whether Freedom is worth that risk, and if Socialism precludes the possibility of Poverty at the cost of stifling Innovation and Excellence, you have to decide if that cost is worth paying.

In other words, there is no single Economics book that covers all of that, although Hayek's "The Road to Serfdom" does come close.
2009-06-15 06:43:52 UTC
Macro economic is not well understood and is very connected with politics because it concerns the government policy so there is no unbiased book that have the "right" answers. However to follow debate on the current issues reading the blogs by economists is a good souce of information. Here is a list
2016-10-02 08:38:40 UTC
in case you're observing Austrian economists you probable already understand greater economics than maximum folk. I desire we had greater Austrian economists interior the government. I in simple terms did no longer think of the 1st one may be Arnold Schwarzenegger. (he's Austrian, and he has an economics degree, yet by some means i do no longer think of it somewhat is the comparable element.) ok, all kidding aside, i might ward off something by technique of Hayek. he's a surprising economist, yet he won't say something with a million be conscious whilst 10 words will do.
2009-06-15 06:19:56 UTC
I think that there is no one good macroeconomics text book.This is because they are all written by university people who want to keep their jobs and are being "politically correct" in sticking to the viewpoint of their supervisory managers and supporting industrialists.

The best book I know, which does not have this failing is:

"Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt 1945.

Otherwise you need to read several books and to decide where there is no bias.

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